Innovative Truck Bed Seats
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Innovative Truck Bed Seats

Have more fun with our truck bed seats. Since we started in 2007, Innovative Truck Bed Seating systems offers truck bed bench seats, bucket, and recliner styles designed to fit in your pickup truck bed area.

Our pickup truck bed seats have a patented 5 star frame design provides safety and comfort for all passengers riding in the back of your pickup truck. Installation of our truck bed seating systems is simple, quick, and best of all requires NO drilling into your truck. Some drilling is required to initially customize your truck bed seat frame to your truck. Again, only drilling done is done to the frame. Sure to be voted the #1 Best Truck Bed Accessories and Tailgate Accessories in the USA.

  • Marine vinyl covered seats
  • 5 Star patented aluminum frame design
  • Requires no drilling in your truck to install
  • Many colors and camo prints
  • Comes in 4 different styles
  • Truck bed bench seats
  • Truck bed bench recliner seats
  • Bucket style seats
  • Bucket recliner seats
  • Fits any size truck bed
  • Seat Belts included
  • Great tailgate accessories
  • Accessories for trucks only

Truck Bed Seating by Innovative Truck Bed Seats

Our truck bed seating provides safe and comfortable extra seating for 2 or 3 additional passengers is D.O.T. approved . The 5 star elongated aluminum base frame has shallow, U-shaped form that extends across the pickup bed for mounting adjustable seats that lock into place. Our truck bed seats are hand made per order and assembled in the Mims Florida, USA. 

Our pickup truck bed seats are offered in White, Red, Gold, Brown, Blue, Navy, Green, Pink, Gray, and Camo colors. Great for any outdoor sporting events, tailgate parties, tanning at the beach, tours, fishing, camping and family outings.  Increase your trucks seating comfort and outdoor fun, while still having the option to easily remove them for your full cargo capacity. Installs easily in 10 minutes and can be removed in less for complete use of your truck bed.

Truck Bed Seat Frame

With this unique frame design which requires NO drilling into your truck to install, added with our fantastic array of colorful designs any one of our truck bed seating systems will enhance the beauty of any truck. You will however need to drill the to customize the it to fit. Order now and increase the look and passenger comfort level of anyone making this one of the best accessories for trucks.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production, shipping, and handling. Our seats are hand made per order. Call for custom color or to add your logo to your truck bed seats. 

Innovative Truck Bed Seats Frame only

 Frame for truck bed seats