Innovative Truck Bed Seats
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Truck Bed Seating Information

Innovative Truck Bed Seating systems are very easy to install.  All seats are designed to fit on the same frame. Our 5 star high quality frame adjusts to fit any size pickup bed. 

Truck Bed Seats 

First, our truck bed seating systems are hand made to order.  Made here in the United States with mostly American made parts. We believe our seats will add comfort to any outdoor family event whether to simply get there or during the event itself. We offer many colors please contact us for custom colors or logo design on your truck bed seats.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping and production. 

Truck Bed Seating frame setupAny question please contact us




Returns and refunds

Our seats are hand made per order for you. We keep no truck bed seats in stock because we custom make them for you. There are no refunds or returns. Make absolutely sure you want us to make you your truck bed seats before purchasing. Thank you and enjoy your new truck bed seats.