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About Innovative Truck Bed Seats

Mr. Louis Loyd is the creator of Innovative Truck Bed Seats LLC and dedicated to providing high quality truck bed seats and accessories. We strive to be the leading manufacturer of truck bed seats for the nation if not the world. Opening in 2007 located in Mims, FL. started by selling our truck bed seats at truck show and events in Florida. We offer a safe and comfortable truck bed seat designed to allow for more comfortable seating by utilizing the truck bed area to carry additional passengers. is a product of LCL Marketing which carries the patent for the innovative 5 star seat frame. Our truck bed seats are great truck bed accessories for any truck. For more information about truck bed seats please review our literature, or feel free to contact us about your truck bed seats, and truck bed accessories! Our truck bed accessories are products of the USA and offer quality truck products at very affordable prices to truck owners world wide.


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Office (321) 269-3148 Hours 9am to 5pm est.

Cell phone (321) 720-5379 Hours 9am to 5pm est.

Innovative Truck Bed Seats LLC

 2538 Myrtle Ave, Mims FL 32754


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