Innovative Truck Bed Seats
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Truck Bed Seats Bucket Recliner style

$ 450.00
  • Truck Bed Seats bucket recliner style regularly $549.99 on sale now for $450.00 (Camo prints $50 extra)
  • Easy installation/removal
  • Marine vinyl covered seats many colors
  • High quality aluminum frame and hinges
  • Seat belts included
  • Seat back rest is 20 inches in height
  • Seat width is 16 inches
  • Depth is 48 inches

 Truck Bed Seats Frame Setup

Frame Setup

  • The elongated aluminum base has shallow, U-shaped form that extends across the bed

Main frame

  • All styles of seats fit same frame
  • Each seat height is customized at install to your trucks depth
  • Outer arm ends are extend outward to bolt in with left and right inner edges of upper bed walls

Left frame arm

  • Frame bottom support height is customized at install based on your truck bed depth

Frame bottom support


    Frame Setup 2

      Accessories for trucks or pickup tailgate accessories our truck bed seats are soon to be on the best sellers lists. Think of all the great picnics and outdoor fun so order your truck bed seats now.