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Deluxe Bench Rear Truck Bed Seat


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CamoGrass Utility

CamoLeaf Utility

Bench & Bucket Seats All Come With Seat belts & Hinges. Extra Seat belts, Hinges, and Armrests can be purchased separately in the accessories section.

Product Feature

  • Left and right bottom of the seat feature upright posts that are directed downward
  • The elongated aluminum base has shallow, U-shaped form that extends across the bed
  • Each inner and beneath seat is adjustable; the outer ends are forced outward to engage with left and right inner edges of upper bed walls
  • Hand-tightened clamps
  • The user inserts a lock pin through holes in the side of to set the desired height
  • Each seat has a bottom and integrated back and is independently adjustable in height


Bench Seat

  • Three-person bench-type seat are equipped with seat belts for each occupant
  • Bench-type model a single molded plastic seat with a base and back rest


Bucket Seats

  • A bucket design with two separate seats, both models are equipped with seat belts for each occupant
  • Bucket version is attached and supported in a similar manner, but it has a pair of spaced side-by-side seats for two passengers


Product Advantages

  • Provides safe and comfortable extra seating for 2 or 3 additional passengers
  • Eliminates the need to crowd the cab
  • Keeps passengers from sliding around
  • Ideal for use by a group heading to the beach, picnic, drive-in movies, fishing, hunting and the ultimate tailgate parties or simply enjoying a drive out
  • Designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation, and can be removed easily to allow for full use of the bed at anytime
  • Fits all sizes of trucks 4 to 8 wide


Product Target Market

  • Pickup-truck owners
  • Automotive original-equipment manufacturers


Product Marketing Outlets

  • Automotive stores
  • Discount department stores
  • Automotive customizing shops
  • Wholesalers of motor vehicle supplies and new parts
  • Internet Website Sales
  • Mail-order catalogs
  • Trade Shows, Specialty Expos and Conferences


We are the leading manufacturer of truck bed seats for the rear part of the truck. We offer a safe and comfortable design the offers more seating for your truck by utilizing the truck bed for additional seats.

LCL Marketing carries a patent pending product for truck seats. Our truck bed seats are great add-ons to any truck, and fall under the truck accessories category. Truck owners include residential, commercial that may be suitable for this particular type of truck accessory.

For more information about truck bed seats please review our literature, or feel free to contact LCL marketing about your truck seat, and truck accessory needs! Our truck accessories are products of the USA.

We offer only quality truck products at very affordable prices to our truck owners.

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